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Frozen Foods

Frozen Foods

Aunt Bessies Roasties

Bisto Yorkshire Puddings


Kroners Bacon Danish 1 lb

LBB Bacon 1/2 lb

Winstons Bacon 1/2 lb


Cameron's Meat Pies (4 in a box)

Cameron's Potato Scones

Camerons Haggis


Donnelly Black and White Pudding


Jolly Good Sausages, Fat and Thin

Jolly Good Sausage Rolls

Jolly Good 2 Pork Pies


Winstons Sausages and Sausage Rolls

Winstons Black and White Pudding


West of Ireland Black Pudding


Pie Society Pies:

Cornish Pasties

Steak & Ale

Chicken Curry

Steak & Kidney


Norfolk Manor


Smoked Haddock


Haywood & Padgett Scones

Lakeland Crumpets

Soreen Malt Loaf

Tan Y Castel Welsh Cakes


Mr Kipling:

Cherry Bakewells

Bramley Apple Pies


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