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About Rosie Lee Imports
   Celebrating Our 10th Year   

Who is Rosie Lee? That’s Cockney rhyming slang for cuppa tea. 

Tea is something you’ll find plenty of at Rosie Lee Imports, the quaint little British food & gift shoppe located downtown in the cute little seaside city of Ventura, along the lower central coast of California.

Rosie Lee imports is owned and run by Susan (pronounced Suzanne) Malloy.

Susan grew up on a farm in Shropshire, lived in Liverpool and London, then spent years in Germany working for BEA/British Airways. After settling in Ventura, Susan had the opportunity to buy the little shoppe, which was in need of a lot of TLC. This became a new beginning for Susan and for Rosie Lee Imports. Now Susan is able to share her heritage and culture through the foods, teas, sweets, sundries, and collectables she fills the shelves with in the charming little shoppe she nurtured back from neglect.

Whether you’re an ex pat, an anglophile, a culinary explorer, a lover of British pop culture, or just curious, Rosie Lee Imports is the place to visit. Even if you just want to pop ‘round and chat with Susan for a spell.

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