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Tea Accessories

Tea Infusers:

Heart 1 Cup Infuser

1 cup Pincer Spoon

2" Mesh Pincer Spoon

2 1/2" Mesh Ball Pincer Spoon

2", 2 1/2" and 3" Mesh Ball 

Tea Cup Infuser with cat

Floating Metal Tea Cup Infuser

Floating Rubber Duck Tea Infuser

Permanent Tea Filter with lid for cup/mug


Tea Strainers:

London Teapot Tea Strainer with Drip Bowl

Shamrock Tea Strainer with Drip Bowl


Assam Tea Bag Squeezer


Assorted Tea Bag Tidy


Make your own Tea Bag:

t-sac size 1 for cups and mugs

t-sac size 2 for 4 cup teapot

t-sac size 3 for 8 cup teapot


Tea Cozies, assorted

Tea Towels, assorted


Toothpicks with Union Jacks


Union Jack Paper Napkins

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